Online Blackjack Strategies

You don’t want to misunderstand what players and teachers of blackjack mean when they say they’ll teach you strategies. A “strategy” is NOT a magic formula that will earn you riches once you’ve mastered it. A strategy is like a game plan. Every good coach comes up with a strategy based on what they know about the other team before they go out an play. No coach wins all the time. It’s the same with blackjack. Based on what you know about the game and about the place you’ll be playing, you want to come up with a strategy that gives you the best chance of winning. By playing blackjack free you can practice many strategies that work fro you. Here are a few basic tactics you can use when you’re trying to build your strategy.

You have to make decisions within a few moments. You want to understand the situation at any given moment. And you will have to take chances every now and then – that’s just the way your fate unfolds sometimes. Here’s an example: If you’re holding a hand that totals a 12 (for instance), and it’s composed of a 10 card and a 2 card. The dealer’s card that is showing is a 4, and obviously you don’t know what the second card is because it’s not showing. What you do know is that the dealer must draw again, because dealers cannot stand on any number lower than 17. There’s no way that with a 4 showing, the dealer has 17 with just two cards. The dealer has to draw until 17 is reached or the dealer busts.

At the same time, your 10 and your 2 equal 12. Chances are that you won’t pull the only card out of the deck that can cause you to bust – another 10 or a King, Queen or Jack. So in the event that the dealer has to draw, you may hit and maybe make your 12 into a 19, 20, or 21 without going over. Or at least force the dealer to beat your 18 or 19. A similar strategy applies if you’re holding a soft hand – any hand where an ace is being used as an 11 instead of a 1. If you’re holding a soft 15, nothing you can pull from the deck can force you to bust. Also, it’s widely agreed by experienced players that you should not assume anything when it comes to predicting the dealer’s hand. A common piece of advice that dictates you “assume the dealer has a 10” is widely considered bad advice. Basing your strategy on what you think the dealer might have, or “mimicking the dealer” is bad practice.

The dealer must stand on 17 or higher. At the same time, the dealer must draw on anything 16 or lower. Your goal is to beat the dealer – not get 21 on every hand. If your cards get into the 17 – 20 range, stand and make the dealer beat you.

And finally, there’s card counting. Players tend to agree that card counting does provide the player with the best advantage against the “house” if it’s applied effectively. If you are going to learn this skill, understand that it takes a lot of time to master.

Card counting basically involves keeping track of high and low cards during the course of a game. Card counting only works with decks that aren’t re-shuffled after every hand, so don’t even think about practicing this technique online. Card counting is not illegal if you do it all in your head, but another downside is that casinos will probably ask you to leave the table, or the casino if they suspect you’re good at your craft. If you want to spend the time learning this strategy, you can find information everywhere on how to do it. The mastery level you’ll need will require you to have a thorough enough understanding of these principles. In other words: you should be able to apply them subtly enough to win your share, without getting yourself kicked out of your favorite hang-outs.

Captain America Slot Game- Be a Hero for a Day

Captain America Slot Game is an online and free slot game that is brilliantly created for people who would want to experience being a Marvel superhero even just for a day. Like the personality of Captain America who is your hero of massive strength and unbelievably gorgeous physique, this game is also an installment jam packed with features that you cannot find from amongst the rosters of online slot game that is available.

His Physique: The Game Features

Captain America Slot Game is a five reel with twenty five pay lines online and free slot game. It is based on its comic installment, so don’t expect for a Chris Evan animation on this. Nonetheless, the slot game proves to be of amazing simulation and virtual reality of your hero. Of course, Captain America with his popular red and white, flag-inspired, costume is the wild symbol and his mortal enemy the Red Skull also has a take on the game slot. Famous gears and equipment such as the lightweight, heavy steel made ironed shield and the likes are also incorporated as scattered symbols in the game slot. The famous Captain America is a must watch in the arena of slots as it represents the highest rewards, scattered symbols on the other hand, resembles the bonus rounds for players.

His Power and Strength: The Game Rules

This game slot is a jam-packed one. Betting options starts as low as one cent all the way up to hundred and twenty five dollars. So, players can expect massive and huge wins on this game like the mighty power and unbelievable human strength of Captain America.

For a player to amass big bucks, you have to get five symbols alike so to open the jackpot prize of up to 12,500 coins, or as they say as huge as $62,000. Imagine the prize at stake. This is aside from all the bonus rounds that you can get if you luckily get scattered symbols alike. Getting more scattered symbols alike can get you more chances of winning progressively from what you have bet. Also, free spins are enabled if you win these bonus rounds. Amazing how this bonus rounds can get you so much, as far as being the Captain America yourself. You will have the chance to play square with the Red Skull and destroy target airplanes like if you are in the warzone. Wonderfully created online slot game that integrated the fighting of Captain America. Imagine how cool it is to save the country and to show your heroism and at the same time gain and amass money and coins that could billowed if you continuously spin and bet on this online game slot.

The Summary

Captain America Slot game is by far the most comprehensive and upbeat online slot game that is available in the market. It has exceeded it contemporaries in terms of players usage and products reviews there is. It has amazingly offered huge jackpot prizes and consolation winnings to players making it unbelievably the most sought after online slot game. Indeed, Captain America has again proved its indestructible features even in the stream of online slot games.

Four Fantastic Ways to Play Jackpotjoy Blackjack

In many casinos, you are limited to one style of play, but not with Jackpotjoy blackjack. Jackpotjoy scoured the world to find the most intriguing varieties and options of blackjack used in top casinos and brought them right to your computer screen. They have the traditional blackjack play in the Atlantic City Blackjack from Jackpotjoy, plus three additional fun ways to play this classic game.

The Atlantic City Blackjack is the most conservative off all the games. There is one major change Jackpotjoy added. They allow you to split pairs up to 3 times. You might end up with four hands in play by the end of a round. How much would that increase your odds of beating the dealer? This is just another of the innovative changes they make.

The ability to jump to four hands in the Atlantic City version is beat by Jackpotjoy’s multihand blackjack. You can start the round with up to five different games in play. This increases both your odds of winning and your risk. You can minimize the risk be folding individual hands, betting high on one hand, and low on the other hands. As an example, you might choose to bet £5 on one of your five hands, but only bet £1 on the others. There is no reason to risk extra money on hands you believe have little chance of victory.

Jackpotjoy blackjack plays tribute to both major gaming cities in the USA by offering a Vegas Blackjack room, too. You get the same options Vegas casinos offer including buying insurance when the dealer’s first card is an ace, doubling down, splitting, or surrendering when you know defeat is eminent. You can have fun and learn all about Vegas style blackjack from Jackpotjoy starting with £1 bets, or go all in with bets up to £500.

If you are new to playing blackjack with Jackpotjoy, we recommend betting low and learning how the game works. That is one of the great benefits of playing blackjack online. There is no pressure from the dealer, impatient players, and no one trying to convince you to bet higher. You can study and learn the game while having a lot of fun. Do not think you are alone in this fun, either. If you choose, you can chat with other players and create friendships with other players. You never know when you will meet someone who teaches you another great tip to improve your odds against the dealer in your Jackpotjoy blackjack game.