Four Fantastic Ways to Play Jackpotjoy Blackjack

In many casinos, you are limited to one style of play, but not with Jackpotjoy blackjack. Jackpotjoy scoured the world to find the most intriguing varieties and options of blackjack used in top casinos and brought them right to your computer screen. They have the traditional blackjack play in the Atlantic City Blackjack from Jackpotjoy, plus three additional fun ways to play this classic game.

The Atlantic City Blackjack is the most conservative off all the games. There is one major change Jackpotjoy added. They allow you to split pairs up to 3 times. You might end up with four hands in play by the end of a round. How much would that increase your odds of beating the dealer? This is just another of the innovative changes they make.

The ability to jump to four hands in the Atlantic City version is beat by Jackpotjoy’s multihand blackjack. You can start the round with up to five different games in play. This increases both your odds of winning and your risk. You can minimize the risk be folding individual hands, betting high on one hand, and low on the other hands. As an example, you might choose to bet £5 on one of your five hands, but only bet £1 on the others. There is no reason to risk extra money on hands you believe have little chance of victory.

Jackpotjoy blackjack plays tribute to both major gaming cities in the USA by offering a Vegas Blackjack room, too. You get the same options Vegas casinos offer including buying insurance when the dealer’s first card is an ace, doubling down, splitting, or surrendering when you know defeat is eminent. You can have fun and learn all about Vegas style blackjack from Jackpotjoy starting with £1 bets, or go all in with bets up to £500.

If you are new to playing blackjack with Jackpotjoy, we recommend betting low and learning how the game works. That is one of the great benefits of playing blackjack online. There is no pressure from the dealer, impatient players, and no one trying to convince you to bet higher. You can study and learn the game while having a lot of fun. Do not think you are alone in this fun, either. If you choose, you can chat with other players and create friendships with other players. You never know when you will meet someone who teaches you another great tip to improve your odds against the dealer in your Jackpotjoy blackjack game.